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Holistic Trauma Counseling  
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“Trauma” is commonly misunderstood as a tragic or violent event. But in truth, trauma is not something that happens to us, but deep within us, in our nervous system.

Your body bears the burden of chronic stress and trauma. Common symptoms include sleep and digestion problems, migraines-headaches, anxiety and depression... and the list goes on.  

Holistic Trauma Counseling addresses the root cause of trauma by restoring balance directly to your nervous system. 


A well regulated nervous system creates more peace in mind and body, which then creates more pleasure, presence, and abundance in your health, relationships, and life.

Heal trauma from the inside out with practical, body-based tools such as:  

  • EFT – The Emotional Freedom Technique ®

  • Psychosomatic Postural Integration

  • Nervous System Regulation Practices

  • TRE – Traumatic Release Exercises ®

  • Whole Food Nutrition Counseling

  • Supplementation and Detoxification Techniques

  • Energy Balancing Therapies  

  • Mindfulness Techniques

  • Strategic Movement

  • Vocalization Techniques

  • Breathwork


I had a very positive experience working with Mattie. She allowed me to process my thoughts and feelings during this chaotic time where it's easy to feel lost.

 — Jamie Kreindler, Community Specialist 

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