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Calendar of Events
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 AUGUST 2020

Mother in Power: Navigating Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum in the time of COVID-19

Date: August 21st

Online Class (one time)

This class is offered in partnership with Gentle Seed Doulas.

Registration for this class is now closed. 



Trauma and the Body: A free online class for Collective Healing and Embodiment 

Date: September 16th

Online Class (one time)

Reclaim Your Health: A 4 week online wellness series for Immune Optimization and Whole Person Health 

Dates: TBA

Online (4 classes)


Nervous System Resiliency for Parents: A weekly online support resource for parents in the time of COVID-19

Dates: TBA

Online (weekly classes)


Body Wisdom: A 6 week Interactive Workshop for Women's Embodied Trauma Resolution


Dates: TBA

Online (9 classes)

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