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Body Wisdom
Are you frustrated by a lack of relief after years of talk therapy?
Do you want to understand the connection between your body and emotions?
Do you long to cultivate a deeper, more compassionate relationship with yourself? 

In this women’s-only workshop, you will learn to literally heal trauma from the inside out, through sophisticated yet practical techniques designed to regulate and restore your nervous system to a balanced state.

The word “trauma” is getting a lot of traction lately. But what does it mean?

Largely, trauma is misunderstood as an event: a horrific car-accident, violent abuse, or devastating natural disaster. But many people who’ve never experienced such drastic events show trauma symptoms such as insomnia, IBS, migraine-headaches, anxiety disorders, and the list goes on.

So – what’s the deal with trauma?

The truth is, trauma is not in an event. It’s deep within the body - in the nervous system. And experiences as "trivial" as a routine root canal can trigger traumatic sensations, often to the bewilderment of the people experiencing them! 

In Body Wisdom, gain a more holistic understanding of what trauma is and how to recognize its symptoms in yourself and others. Learn how specific patterns of muscular tension engage in moments of emotional stress or trauma – and how to release that tension in real-time. 


Discover what your posture says about your personality, and how your language and gestures demonstrate deeply embedded attitudes and beliefs.  As you cultivate this awareness, you observe how the sum total of your unique life experience – every thought, memory, and feeling – literally manifests in your physical form.


Simply put, your issues are in your tissues!


In Body Wisdom, heal trauma from the inside out using somatic interventions such as:

• EFT – The Emotional Freedom Technique ®

• Psychosomatic Postural Integration

• Nervous System Regulation Practices

• TRE – Traumatic Release Exercises ®

• Mindfulness Techniques

• Journal Work

• Breathwork

In addition to class-time, you receive: 

• Pre-requisite Coursework: FREE 3 Part Video Series on "Trauma in The Body." 
• Journal prompts twice a week
• Exclusive access to the private Body Wisdom Alumni Facebook group – an online community for current and past students to share questions, resources, and life experiences.
• Take-home resources for continued practice of class material, (audio-files, tutorial videos, and more.)
• Suggested Psychosomatic reading list for Continuing Education on the path toward whole-person healing.


Weekly class breakdown:  


Week One is all about understanding how chronic stress and trauma impact your health and physiology. Cultivate an embodied sense of safety in your entire system through specific eye movements and an open awareness of your environment. In this class, you learn:

  • Nervous system 101

  • Trauma symptoms and the body

  • 4 trauma types

  • Nervous system regulation techniques to cultivate presence  



Often, in trauma therapy, people become singularly fixated on ‘the problem,’ or ‘the pain.’ Ironically, this focused attention towards “what’s wrong” can actually exacerbate a person’s traumatic symptoms! In Week Two, discover the healing potential of pleasure and play for your nervous system, relationships, and life. In this class, you learn:

  • The effect of pleasure, play, and gratitude on your nervous system

  • Sensory exercises to activate and soothe your parasympathetic nervous system  

  • Vocalization exercises to stimulate and release stuck trauma energy




Week Three is all about rage – an emotion forbidden to women throughout world cultures and time. Within the safe container of this class, experience the righteousness of your rage. As you explore your own ferocious expression, learn to re-negotiate boundaries with clarity and confidence. Week Three gives you a taste of your primitive, predatorial, and fiercely feminine power. In this class, you learn:

  • Embodied boundary-defining practices

  • Nervous system regulation through vocalization

  • Movement strategies for sympathetic nervous system activation and release




In Week Four, discover the underlying emotional anatomy of your physical body. Through this profound body-mind integration process, learn to systematically translate the subtle energetics of posture, gestures, and stored tension. As you listen to, interpret, and honor the messages of the body, become more aligned with your true nature, which is joy. In this class, you learn:

  • Psychosomatics of standing, walking, and movement

  • Psychosomatics of front and back body

  • How and why the trauma-'freeze' response engages

  • How to unlock stuck ‘freeze’ energy

  • How to use the plumb-line as a psychosomatic assessment tool




In Week Five, discover the somatic impact of your thoughts and deeply embedded beliefs on your health and relationships. The goal of this class is to develop a felt sense of alignment with your highest vision for yourself and your life.  As you become more unified in Body and Mind, your actions reflect your desires, your words reflect your truth, and your life reflects your purpose. In this class, you learn:

  • The history, science, and application of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)  

  • The physiological impacts of stress on your system

  • Bio-hacks for positive thinking and productive self-talk



Week Six presents an opportunity for embodied integration of your journey through Body Wisdom. Together, we revisit the plumb-line for more in-depth BodyMind analyses of class participant-volunteers. Receive realistic, practical, and accessible guidance to apply all you’ve learned into your at-home care regimen. The work doesn’t end here! Your journey toward wholeness is ever-evolving! In this class, you learn:

  • Practical tips for at-home care regimen

  • Continuing education resources for BodyMind integration

  • Personalized postural analysis and integration tools



Mattie has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the wisdom of the body.  I learned so many great tools that I will continue to use as I heal my own body, mind and spirit.


She masterfully creates a safe, loving space for women to show up, connect and learn.  It was an honor to be a part of this program.

— Cherstin Polston, Nutrition Coach and Yoga Instructor 



I learned a lot in Mattie’s Body Wisdom Workshop – from body alignment, the chakra system, right brain/left brain, and more.  


What really stuck with me that I still use to this day is the EFT tapping. I use tapping for anxiety, pain relief from Fibromyalgia, and to deal with the stress of past emotional traumas. It has been really beneficial.

Mattie is a great teacher. She helps you find your strengths, as well as how to find for yourself what you need to work on – she doesn’t just tell you!

I totally recommend Body Wisdom. Have fun, learn a lot, and use what you learn! 

— Stephanie Bayless, Occupational Therapist 

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